We believe in transparency, so we want to share the tools we use to build and maintain our cutting-edge FinTech solutions. But, we also believe that finance, tech, and life in general should have a healthy dose of fun and creativity. So we’re not just going to give you a dry list of technologies – that’s not our style.

Instead, we’re taking you on a tour of our tech stack with a twist, seasoned with a bit of humor and a lot of passion for what we do. We’re serious about our work, but we don’t always take ourselves too seriously. After all, we’re not just programmers, engineers, or data scientists – we’re creative problem solvers, constantly looking for fresh and innovative ways to serve our clients better.
So let’s dive in! Here are the languages we speak, the tools we wield, and the systems we trust – all making up the unique blend that drives our work every day.

☑  Programming languages: Where Our Coders Flex Their Muscle

  • C: The bedrock of our hardcore coding prowess.
  • C++: When we’re feeling sophisticated and fancy.
  • Rust: Our secret weapon against the notorious Segfault Bandit.
  • Python: Snake-charming language of choice for our PhDs.
  • C#: Who needs Java when you’ve got a sharper tool?
  • JavaScript: The Jack of all web trades.
  • TypeScript: Jack got a monocle and now insists we call him Jonathan.

☑  Operating Systems: The Stage of Our Digital Drama

  • Linux: Gliding through the digital realm with the elegance of a penguin on ice, it’s the coolest operating system around.
  • RHEL: Our beloved penguin’s guardian angel.
  • Windows: We’re just here for the WSL.

☑  FIX Engines: Where We Speak Fluent Finance

  • QuickFIX: The duct tape in our FIX toolbox – sturdy and reliable.
  • FIX Antenna: Tuning into the finance frequencies with precision.
  • Onix: Delivering FIX with finesse.
  • Rapid Addition: The Formula One of FIX Engines.
  • Proprietary Engines: Sometimes, if you want it done right, you’ve got to do it yourself.

Data Engineering: Keeping the Data Flowing

  • Kafka: We’re all fans of great Czech literature here.
  • KsqlDB: Kafka’s not-so-secret admirer.
  • Redis: Real-time is the only time we know.
  • MongoDB: We’re all about that agile, scale life.
  • Postgres: Aging like a fine wine.
  • SQL Server: Delivering data to corporate whiz kids.
  • Amazon Kinesis: Delivering data streams faster than you can say “Alexa, where’s my package?”.
  • Memgraph: Making connections faster than a social butterfly at a networking event.
  • ReactiveX: Observing functional pipelines while they stream.

☑  Web Development: Weaving the Web with Style

  • Node.js: Our ticket off the multithreading merry-go-round.
  • .NET: When we decide to jump back on and enjoy the ride.
  • React: Angular, who?
  • GraphQL: Paying our last respects to REST.

☑  PhD’s Gourmet Menu: Only for the Learned Palates

  • TensorFlow: The main course – complex, fulfilling, and flexing those tensor muscles.
  • Pandas: The hearty staple of any data scientist’s diet, it’s as essential as rice to a sushi chef.
  • NumPy: The side of fresh greens – good for computational health, and it complements everything!
  • SciPy: The secret sauce, a mix of all things scientific, adds that extra zing to our data dishes.
  • Scikit-learn: The dessert – sweet, rich, and makes learning as delightful as a chocolate lava cake.
  • Matplotlib: The beverage – because digesting data is easier when it’s presented in a refreshing way.
  • Seaborn: The fine wine for special occasions – when our data needs to dress to impress.

☑  Infrastructure: Building the Digital Playground

  • Terraform: Got a penchant for Total Recall? We do too.
  • Docker: Keeps our applications snug as a bug in a container rug.
  • Podman: Run your containers without a daemon-sized headache.
  • K8s: Because who has time to spell out the whole word?
  • Kubernetes: Also known as K8s, for those who didn’t catch the memo.

☑  Cloud Services: Head in the Cloud, Feet on the Ground

  • AWS: Our clients know quality doesn’t come cheap, and they’re more than okay with that.

☑  Source Code Management: Keeping Our Code Shipshape

  • Git: Still standing, one commit at a time.
  • CodeCommit: Git, all dressed up for the AWS party.

☑  Low Latency Hardware: Making Every Nano Second Count

  • Solarflare: If you have a joke about ef_vi, we’re all ears!