we believe that our people are the foundation of our success

At SoftAtBest, we believe that our people are the foundation of our success. That’s why we prioritize creating a professional and friendly work environment where our consultants can thrive and grow. Our team is made up of highly skilled and motivated professionals who are passionate about their work.

We are committed to offering above market pay and providing growth opportunities for our team members. We believe that by investing in our people, we can achieve even greater success as a company. If you are driven, hardworking, and looking to join a team that values your contributions, we encourage you to apply for a career at SoftAtBest. We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team and help us take our company to the next level. So, if you’re looking for a dynamic and rewarding career, consider applying to SoftAtBest today.
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Open positions

☑  Master of Code

Embark on an exciting FinTech voyage with us. We’re seeking a Master of Code to fortify our team. Depending on your expertise, your role could range from manipulating hardware intricacies with C/C++/Rust, to devising elegant solutions with C#, designing user-focused web applications with Node.js and React, or creating engaging mobile applications with React Native.

You might find yourself charting the complex territory of low-latency networking, handling the processing of millions of messages per second, or applying design patterns for coding, microservices architectures or database access. There are the opportunities to delve into hybrid cloud services, Docker and Podman containerization technologies, a plethora of databases, as well as real-time event and stream processing systems.

A strong affinity for Linux is essential, as it sits at the core of our operations. Curious about the tools that form our tech suite? You’re welcome to visit our Technology Page.

We’re not just looking for any developer, but the best in class, irrespective of the area of expertise. From enthusiastic novices ready to make their mark to seasoned pros with a wealth of knowledge, we welcome technologists who stand out in their field. In our collaborative environment, we’ll propel your professional growth through challenging FinTech projects that will sharpen your specialized skills to an unprecedented level.

Be prepared, though, for we believe in a rigorous interview process. We set the bar high, as we strive to bring aboard only those who can truly rise to the occasion. Please apply with your CV and let us know why you’re the perfect fit for our team.

Data Maestro

Calling all data enthusiasts!

We are looking for a Data Maestro to orchestrate the dynamic flows of data in our FinTech operations.

Whether you’re a dexterous data analyst, a masterful manager of data lakes, or an artificial intelligence wizard, we need your unique skills to transform raw data into strategic value.

Have a PhD and want to apply your knowledge to real-world problems? Bring it on.

Have experience in handling vast data sets, including market, trading, and news data? We need you. Your expertise in data manipulation, analysis, and the use of Python libraries will be invaluable to our team.

Curious about the technologies we work with? Take a look at our Technology Page for a complete overview.

Join us and work on challenging FinTech projects that will push your skills to new levels.

We offer an environment that fosters growth and collaboration, where continuous learning is a given.

We can’t wait to see how your expertise can drive our client’s businesses forward.

Please apply with your CV and let us know why you’re the perfect fit for our team.