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Trading Software Development

Since 2004 SoftAtBest develops custom trading software. We are the experts in building high performance backends and GUIs using best suited programming languages and technologies. Our team of seasoned gurus have tackled many challenging multiyear projects: architected, developed and released complete trading platforms with direct access to exchanges and brokers, with complex real-time market data and news analytics, risk management and stunning professional trading frontends. From manual to fully automated black-boxes, from equities, options and futures to cryptocurrencies, from US to Tokyo we’ve been there and done that. We thrive on bringing to life innovative ideas of our customers, and look forward to more projects.

Consulting and Outsourcing

SoftAtBest’s network of multitalented consultants is one of the best. Lead by the Wall Street veteran software developer Alexander Borzenko, we are experts in many programming languages and are exposed to cutting edge technologies and industry advances. Our list of expertise is quite extensive and can cover the needs of a challenging project. We are constantly contracting the software developers from Ukrainian city of Lviv, known for its top schools and talented programmers. Once added to the nurturing environment of our network, these developers quickly reach their maximum potential and start performing their best. This is our culture.

Blockchains and cryptocurrencies

SoftAtBest has been working with blockchains and cryptocurrencies since 2014. We are accumulating valuable experience interfacing with top cryptocurrencies exchanges around the world and programming to most popular blockchains and wallets. Today we can offer to build new or update existing trading platforms and other software systems with blockchain and cryptocurrencies capabilities, and we can do that with the same level of confidence as with more classic trading destinations. Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies trading is a new but rapidly developing marketplace requiring both novel approaches as well as transferable knowledge that SoftAtBest posesses.

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